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Committee Activity


The followings are the brief explanation of mission and/or activities of committees and other groups.


Commitee Activity Outline
Mission Committee Propose a role of PMIJ to the board of directors
Planning Committee Propose plans of several activities and organize the activity and monitor the result.
Local Service Committee Carry out plan and administration of services to the outside of Metropolitan area
Translation publication committee Translate and publish a book on PM
PMBOK® Committee Set up standard of knowledge base and supply information about PMBOK® and PM terms
Seminar Committee Plan and operate several seminars
Information/Publication Committee Renew and maintain homepage, publish newsletter, maintain membership database
Stakeholder Committee Improve service to stakeholder (Corporate supporters and PMIJ) and improve the merit of membership
International Relations Committee Corporate with overseas organizations and introduce PM knowledge
Education Committee Concentrate [PM Graduate Education] and [PM Social Education]
Continue [PM Graduate Education] and[PM Junior Education]
PM Terms Committee Publish and improve [PM Terms and Notation] for a baseline of PM terms and notation

Study Group Activity

Group Activity Outline
IT Study Group Collect and study information about PM in IT
Organizational Maturity Model Study Group Study and popularize OPM3®(Organizational Project Management Maturity Model), PMI standard for organized Project Management maturity
EVM Study Group Collect and study information about Earned Value Management
Risk Management Study Group Study and read a Case Study in [Risk Management]
Portfolio/Program Study Group Study in management view, send information and support based on portfolio/program management standard
PMO Study Group Study PMO activity by correcting a case study in Project Management Office(PMO)
PMCDF Study Group Study and popularize PMCDF (Project Manager Competency Development Framework)


Program Activity Outline
PMBOK® Seminar Program Supply opportunity to study PMBOK® Guide
1 Operate PMBOK® Ver.4 Seminars
2 Revise text of PMBOK® Ver.4 Seminar
3 Educate instructors
Mentor Program  I Plan and operate PM Education in Mentor operating by directly PMI Japan
Mentor Program  II Support PM Education in Mentor within Corporation and Organization to improve and educate members competency and improve PM force in organizers


Project Activity Outline
PMI Japan Forum Project Project to prepare and operate Japan Forum in 2012

Kansai Area

Group Activity Outline
Kansai Area Administration Committee We contribute to improve a value of Project Management as well as supporting Kansai Area's activity by establishing PM community using Kansai area's characters.
PM Practice Study Group Activity to read a practice of Project Management in Kansai
Medical Project Management Study Group Activity to study a practice and introduce knowledge of Project Management in medical industry in Kansai
IT Study Group Activity to study IT upper process Project Management in Kansai
Quantitative Project Management Case Study Activity to study a case study about quantitative Project Management in Kansai
PM creation Study Group Activity to study Japanese localized Project Management in Kansai