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Greetings from the President


We at PMI Japan Chapter have been carrying out extensive activities to spread Project Management in Japan since we started as Japanese branch of PMI in 1998. I am highly grateful to members, Corporate sponsors, and all of the R.E.P. who have been supporting the activity since last decade.
 In severe economic environment, business portfolio changes suddenly, market environment continues to globalize, we can see challenge with the Project form in every social scenario. Project becomes the form to accomplish reform in usual life for members of society now. However, in constraints of resources (which includes humans, an object, money, time), it is neither easy to succeed nor achieve accomplishment. It may be said that the appropriate application of the best practice through long time study is  essential to enter scientific approach.
 The importance of the project management has been recognized widely, but the demand to reform of process and pursuit of innovation of an enterprise are as complicated, which demands higher project aim, and improvement of competency. Therefore management framework beyond Project Management such as portfolio management or program management is necessary to pursue and evaluate optimization completely.
 It is great pleasure, encouragement, and also challenge that in these situations, PMI is trying to meet those demands by revising PMBOK® . We should keep willingness to improve our competency.  And certainly, it is thought that encompassing all aspects of project execution related issues in PMBOK® Guide sufficiently has become increasingly difficult in these days.
 PMI Japan Chapter improved "organization model" to develop local branch office since 2009. Kansai (Western Japan) area branch was established and it had launched various kind of activities while we had been planning to develop our activities outside of Tokyo area. I appreciate  Kansai area members' effort. Fortunately activity begins in the whole areas following Kansai area. Voice of positive demand is welcome from any other local areas members. In addition, the study group by Corporate sponsors has been doing steady activities in these two years. It's my great pleasure that Corporate sponsors who are usually supporting our activity utilize such events significantly. We will continue to improve service for members from now on and to provide the opportunity to corporate with other groups. I hope PMI Japan Chapter can be an organization where members exchange opinions with each other from various kinds of view points. Any kind of members' opinion and friendly support will be highly appreciated.
 All of our activities are supported by volunteer effort by members and sponsors or the  R.E.P. Companies.  I earnestly long for such members who desire to work with us and sincerely hope for their continued participation in our study groups and committees.

Hirotoshi KAMBA
PMI Japan Chapter