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Conferece Report PMI China Conference Beijing Sept 15 ~ 16.


DSCF0118.JPGThe PMI China Conference was held in September. The weather was beautiful and the skies were clear in Beijing.  I had heard there were some protests, but the beautiful convention hall was calm an open to everyone. The conference had about 1,500 people mostly from China. There were also a number of people from around the Region. Peter Monkhouse Chair of the PMI Board of Directors opened the conference. Monkhouse's opening speech had some tangible numbers from recent research. Organizations that have mature project management practices are accelerating their rate of returns and profits. For example: Companies with High project management maturity finish 67% on time. Companies with Low maturity finish 39% on time. High maturity companies are earning 37% more on their investments than low maturity companies.

Bob Chen Managing director of PMI China provided some insights into PMI's rapid growth in China. Although, this is only the third year for the global conference, there are over 50,000 PMP's in China. As an observer the demographics of the China conference are amazing. From observation the vast majority of attendees were under 40 and seemed to me, to be under 35. There is also a broad gender balance with many women attendees and presenters. Ms. Zhang Kehui CFO of Shenhua Group delivered a power presentation on the success of Shenhua Group's Project Management Office in delivering value to their shareholders. Mr. Shao Yugong of Sinopec Engineering Department a Mega Project Manager spoke about the Integrated Project Management Team. His presentation connected with me personally, when he spoke about the importance of empowering and developing the team. Soft Skills were and important theme of the conference. Dr Barry Hsiung from Taiwan delivered a Standing Room only presentation on the 18 soft skills Project managers need. It was very interesting to hear from a Taiwanese perspective on the soft skills of a PM.
There were many awards for Project Management Excellence. John Cable the Chair of PMI's GAC (Global Accreditation Center) awarded Prof. Dr. Qian Shi, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, Shanghai an Award for Education Excellence. Dr. Qian Shi described the GAC as meaning Global Bridge Across Continents. The Bridge is a metaphor for communication. He enthusiastically described Project Management as the world's language for communicate.

There were many other excellent presentations and the networking was great. I would like to personally thank Bob Chen and his staff Danielle Ruan for hosting the Japan PMI delegation. I am already looking forward to Shanghai in 2013.

Robert Higgins

International Relations Committee