IRC (International Relation Community Study Group)

About IRC

October, 2018
International Relations Community
PMI Japan Chapter

1. About International Relations Committee

PMI Japan Chapter (PMIJ) is an only extended Japan chapter authorized by PMI Headquarter, devoting effort of promotion and enlightening project management practices in Japan. International Relations Committee (IRC), the gateway of PMIJ to overseas, is in charge of correspondence with foreign entities, as well as providing opportunities for expatriates to have access to information and knowledge about PM in Japan.

For PMIJ members, regardless of nationality or working location, who are keen to and have been already involved in the international project management, why don’t you join IRC! It surely provides you of opportunities to broaden your international awareness and networking. PMIJ also appreciates your enthusiasm and volunteer.

2. Current Activities

All IRC activities are volunteer activities. IRC’s activities are described as below:
– Planning and Implementation of English Events (e.g. Seminars)
– Corresponding with overseas organizations and individuals (e.g. USA, India, Indonesia)
– Sending English E-mails to PMIJ Members
– Providing lectures (e.g. JICA Educational Program)
– Holding monthly meeting

All activities are based on the voluntary wills of members. There are no obligations and limitations on the activities. The members can conduct any activities as long as they have interests and wills.

3. Contact

For those who wants to participate the activities of IRC, please fill in the Application Form .

The persons in charge will give a reply to you soon. We welcome your interests and positive participation.