PMI日本支部 設立20周年記念事業について

PMI日本支部 設立20周年記念事業のご紹介

PMI Japan sets 20th foundation anniversary activities and events










2018年8月2日 更新
PMI日本支部 設立20周年記念事業プロジェクト



  • 20年を振り返りPMIの価値を知っていただく。

  • 今後のPMIの活動を知っていただく。

  • 他団体へPMIの価値訴求を行う。

  • グローバルとの関連などの価値を知っていただく。

  • 会員になることの価値訴求を行う。


1. 記念誌作成  2018年7月13日に発刊

  • PMI 50年の歴史の中で折々の日本の状況(時代背景)や、ITバブル崩壊後の日本でPMI日本支部が果たしてきた役割を振り返る
  • PMI日本支部の果たしてきた役割ならびに今後の活動方向について、プロジェクトマネジメントに係る多くの方々に手に取って読んでいただくことをめざす。

2. 記念イベント開催  2018年5月20日(日)に開催

  • PMI日本支部の20周年を周知し喜びを分かち合うために、無償の記念イベントを開催する

3. 記念出版  2018年10月発行を予定

  • 「PMのこれから」に結びつくテーマを扱い、併せてコミュニティの活性化を図る。
  • プロジェクトマネジメントの責任を担い、日々努力と研鑽を重ねている現場PMの視点より、以下のようなものをまとめる。
  •  ● 今後に向けたあり方や気づき・ヒント(Hints & Tips)
     ● 経験、教訓やフィードバック(Feedback & Share)
     ● 紹介したい知見・論文・書籍(Knowledge)

  • PMIの知見を前提に、体系だてたまとめ方とする(案:PMI Talent Triangle 等)

4. 記念グッズ  2018年1月から順次配布中

  • 20周年を記念し、支部会員へ配布
  • 記念講演、日本フォーラムやセミナー等の参加者に配布。

5. アクティブメンバー海外派遣  7月末まで応募受付け、海外派遣は2018年秋

  • 20周年を契機に、日頃地道な活動を続けてきたアクティブメンバーに対して、見識を深め動向を掴む新たな機会を提供し、活動を続けることへの動機付けと、グローバルなPM視点の醸成をめざす

6. フォーラム・フェスタでの統一テーマ  2018年7月の日本フォーラム、10月のJapan Festaにて実施

  • 我が国の行政、業種を問わない民間企業、大学や研究機関等が、国際競争力を高めるために求められる統一テーマを定めました。
    「新しい潮流へのチャレンジ ~境界を越えて~」
  • 行政、民間などから講演者の方を選出中です。

7. 他団体協業イベントの開催  2018年に随時実施予定

  • 他団体との周年記念イベント等の協業を行い、双方団体にて広く人的交流、情報交換を行う。


 全体統括PM 浦田理事

 1. 記念誌作成         片江副会長
 2. 記念イベント開催      森田理事
 3. 記念出版          斉藤理事
 4. 記念グッズ         吉田事務局長
 5. アクティブメンバー海外派遣 武上理事
 6. フォーラム、Festa      麻生理事
 7. 他団体協業イベントの開催  片江副会長


PMI Japan was founded on January 16th 1998, thus celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. We will have various activities throughout this year in this recognition, highlighting the values of Project Management. As usual, the main event and activities throughout the year are going to be driven by volunteers. We are keen for your participation in celebrating this commemorative year. We invite you to read and share news related to Japan Chapter on our website.

16 January 2018 
PMI Japan Chapter 20th Anniversary Project

Objectives of 20th Anniversary Commemoration Activities

To spread awareness about the PMI Japan achievements in 20 years of its existence with respect to following.
  • Glancing back and sharing "Values" shared by PMI Japan over the last 20 years from its foundation.

  • Increase the awareness about the PMI Japan chapter activities.

  • Promote the value of PMI to other organizations and stakeholders.

  • Promote the value of PMI in a global context.

  • Promote and share the merits of PMI Japan chapter membership.

Activities Japan Chapter Plans

1. A commemorative booklet will be published in July, 2018.

  • The booklet will reflect PMI's 50 years historical backdrop as well as PMI Japan's constructive role in post- Information Technology bubble.
  • The booklet aims to illustrate past activities of PMI Japan chapters as well as path ahead and will serve as a guide to various persons related to Project management.

2. A commemoration event will be held on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

  • Japan Chapter will hold a grand event to celebrate its 20th foundation anniversary.

3. A commemorating book will be published in November, 2018

  • The book has a theme of" Project Management now onward". The book aims at promotion of activities of our community.
  • The book will be based on project managers' perspectives who are making efforts to make things better in the field every day. The book will cover hints and tips about project management now onward as well as various experiences of project managers and lessons learned. It will also comprise of knowledge areas, research papers and other publications related to PMI Japan chapter.

4. Presenting souvenir to chapter members and seminar participants.

  • PMI Japan will present a souvenir to chapter members and seminar participants to commemorate the event.
  • The souvenir will be presented during PMI Japan Forum 2018 and other seminars.

5. Selected Active Members will participate in overseas activities related to PMI Japan chapter.

  • The selection procedures has been announced in January, 2018. The visits will take place in autumn 2018.
  • Japan Chapter will offer selected active members the opportunities to deepen their knowledge and capture current trends.  The visit aims to motivate them to continue their good work and to grow their global PM perspective. 

6. The theme for PMI Japan Forum 2018 and PMI Japan Festa has been unified .

  • The theme is "Challenging New Trends - Transcending Boundaries ". 
    The chosen theme stresses on stronger international competitiveness , irrespective of the participants varied background, applicable to not only government services but also private corporations, universities, research institutions, etc. 
  • Selection process of speakers from both governments and private sections is currently on going.

7. Various collaborative events with other organizations will be held through out the year 2018.

  • Japan Chapter will hold collaborative events with other organizations  and  host events commemorating its foundation anniversary to facilitate exchange of information as well as personnel.

Executive Committee members

 Overall Program director,  Ms Urata

 1. Commemorative Booklet                       Mr. Katae, Vice President
 2. Commemorative Event                          Mr. Morita, Director
 3. Commemorative Book                           Mr. Saito, Director
 4. Souvenir                                             Mr. Yoshida, Secretary General
 5. Overseas visits of Active Members       Ms. Takegami, Director
 6. Forum and Festa annual events           Mr. Asou, Director
 7. Events in Collaboration with Other Organizations        Mr. Katae, Vice President