PMI日本支部 設立20周年のご挨拶

Greetings from President of Japan Chapter, Okuzawa






支部におきましては1998年のPMI(Project Management Institute, Inc.)の支部として発足以来、一貫して「プロジェクトマネジメント」を日本に広め、PMI®標準を主軸としたサービスの提供をしてまいりました。現在では、「PMBOK®ガイド 第6版」は変化の激しいビジネス環境への対応を補完する「アジャイル実務ガイド」と共に提供され、「プログラムマネジメント」、「ポートフォリオマネジメント」だけでなく、「チェンジマネジメント」、「ビジネスアナリシス」、「ベネフィット実現マネジメント(Benefits Realization Management)」などの新たな標準や方向性を打ち出していっております。


20周年を記念し、2018年5月20日(日)に記念セミナーを開催する予定です。詳細は別途ご案内させていただきますので、ご参加をお待ちしています。また20周年という節目に合わせて、PMI日本フォーラム、PMI Japan Festaは「新しい潮流へのチャレンジ~境界を超えて~」という統一テーマで、激変する時代の新たな潮流に向かい、さまざまな境界を超えて共に成長しようという気持ちを込めております。それ以外にも、記念誌、記念出版などの 20周年企画施策を進めてまいります。(PMI日本支部 設立20周年記念事業のご紹介


なお、記念ロゴには、日本支部のさらなる飛躍進めるため、羽ばたくイメージを選びました。 今年はこちらの記念ロゴを活用していきます。


PMI日本支部会長 奥澤薫



We are delighted to announce that today PMI Japan Chapter commemorates 20th anniversary of the foundation.  We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your support and contribution.  Thanks to them, we have strengthened our organization and expanded our activities.

Japan Chapter was born as a chapter of Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI).  Since its establishment, we have continued to advocate the importance of “Project Management” and have provided services involved with PMI Standards.  Recently, we started to bundle PMBOK Guide® 6th Edition with “Agile Practice Guide”, designed to complement measures to keep up with the rapidly changing business environments.  We also took a bold step toward “Change Management”, “Business Analysis”, and “Benefits Realization Management”, alongside with “Program Management” and “Portfolio Management” by publishing PMI standards on them. 

We started our business as an unincorporated organization, calling ourselves “PMI Tokyo Chapter”, where a small number of volunteers gathered.  In 2005, PMI Tokyo Chapter was incorporated.  In 2009, PMI Tokyo Chapter evolved into PMI Japan Chapter as a general incorporated association.  Lately, Japan Chapter has been successfully expanding and strengthening its organization.  At the end of 2018, we have about 3900 Japan Chapter members and 109 corporate sponsor companies, as the number of the chapter members and active volunteer members has been increasing, and Japan Chapter has joined in alliance with neighboring countries.  We are on the way to a further stride. 

In 2018, Japan Chapter plans to have various activities to commemorate 20th years of our efforts.  Firstly, we are planning to hold a commemoration seminar on Sunday, May 20, 2018.  We look forward to your attendance.  The detailed information on this seminar will be announced later.  Secondly, Japan Chapter set a unified theme for PMI Japan Forum 2018 and PMI Japan Festa 2018, titled: “Transcending Boundaries - Deal with Challenges --”.  We chose this theme, because we should face a rapidly-changing new tide and evolve to catch the tide through transcending various boundaries.  Thirdly, Japan Chapter is going to publish commemoration books.  For further information, go to PMI Japan Chapter’s Activities to Commemorate its 20th Anniversary of Foundation.  We would like you to join our commemoration activities as volunteers or attendants.  Lastly, Japan Chapter decided to use a new logo which commemorates our 20th anniversary this year.  The logo intends to depict fluttering wings, because we would like to embody our goal to fly high in the future. 

At this milestone, PMI Japan Chapter is ready to make a full effort to contribute to Japan’s further development.  We hope we will continue to have your generous support. 

16th January, 2018
Kaoru Okuzawa
President, PMI Japan Chapter